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Tokenized - Smart Economy

Assets will be tokens. Balances on the blockchains are called ``tokens,`` in fact they are items to be simply and safely transmitted.

Tokenization is the process of transforming the storage and management of an asset.

Each asset is assigned to a digital counterpart.

The Tokenized Economy will change our world, but how?

The next generation of economy where economy agreements are written in programming code using a Smart Contract are called Smart Economy. The decentralized immutable blockchain is the place where the Smart Contracts are stored and according to the defined agreements the Smart Contracts are executed according to the time and rules. This allows the economy to agree on a contract without a need of trust each other. Smart Contracts will be always executed according to the definition. To enable Smart Contracts the blockchain technology allows digitizing any real asset in the world. This means, any physical asset can be represented as a digital token on the blockchain.

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